Abba's House Bible Training Center


Enrollment has now begun for our Fall semester! See below for registration information. This semester we will be offering "New Testament Survey" and the second half of Old Testament Survey, looking at the major and minor prophets.  Classes begin on Monday, September 11th and will go through December 11th. "New Testament Survey" will meet from 6:30-8:00 every Monday evening. "Old Testament Survey II" will meet right after New Testament, from 8:15-9:45 every Monday evening.


We had a great time learning from Dr. Clem Ferris at the beginning of June talking about prophecy.  Dr. Ferris will be back in November to finish the class, so be watching for more information.

Click here to listen to the teachings from Dr. Clem Ferris (May 31-June 2)



Abba’s House Bible Training Center exists to educate students in the relational message of the Bible so that they can go out and impact the world for Jesus Christ. Our classes are designed to both educate student’s in the Scriptures and to guide them in using Biblical truths to see lives around them transformed. 

What we teach:

  • College-level classes covering the basics of Christian theology, Biblical content, and practical ministry.
  • Every class we teach is centered around the relational model of ministry. Centered around Genesis 2:18, the relational model says that man, before he was a sinner, was alone. Our students are taught Bible and Theology through this lens so that they are equipped to care for the lost and wounded.


  • Certificate in Relational Ministry - This is a two year program consisting of 8 classes and one practicum. (27 total credit hours)
  • Students not wishing to pursue the Certificate program can still audit classes for no credit. Assignments will not be required, however the student would have to re-take the class if they decided to pursue a certificate program.


  • 2 classes are offered each semester. They are on the same night of the week, back-to-back, so that students only have to give up one night a week to be in class.
  • We are currently offering the following classes on a rotating basis:
    • Relational Ministry
    • Bible Study Methods (Hermeneutics)
    • New Testament Survey
    • Old Testament Survey 1
    • Old Testament Survey 2
    • Apologetics
    • OT/NT Theology
    • The Gospel of John


  • The cost to enroll in the certificate program is $50/semester plus the cost of books. This fee covers both classes.
  • The cost to audit a class for no credit is $20/course plus the cost of books. Audit students are required to sign a statement of commitment to be present for classes.


We choose instructors for classes based on the following criteria:

  • A degree at least one level higher than what they are teaching.
  • Experience teaching in a relevant area.
  • Ministry or Pastoral experience.

Want to enroll?

  • If you want to begin the enrollment process to pursue a Certificate in Relational Ministry, click here to fill out the initial application.
  • If you are just wanting to audit a class, click here to let us know which class you want to sit in on.


If you have questions or would like to sit down with someone to see if Abba’s House is right for you, please e-mail Tyler at . We will be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee and answer any questions you have.