Adult Education

At Freedom Fellowship, we are committed to giving you every opportunity to dig deeper into the Word of God.  We have options that range from low commitment classes to high commitment, college-level courses.  Below are links to classes designed to grow you in your understanding of the Word and your relationship with Him.

Abba's House Bible Training Center  - Abba's House is a training center at Freedom dedicated to the in-depth teaching of the Word of God. All of our classes are taught by qualified professors at a college level. Students can apply to be a part of our 2-year certificate program or can register to audit an individual class for personal enrichment.  Visit the website below to find out more or to register.

 Men's and Women's Bible Study - These Bible studies are good ways to not only hear what the Lord has to say to you specifically as a man or woman, but to build relationships with others in the church.  Click the links below for more information and start dates