Abba's House Course Audit Information

We are excited to announce that we are now opening classes up for students not enrolled in the 2-year program audit. This means that if you cannot commit to 2-years of classes but want to take a few that peak your interest, you can now do so. Please read below for all of the information you need.

This Spring semester, beginning on January 22nd and running through the end of April, will focus on just one class, "Biblical Theology."  This class will explore some big topics contained in Scripture as well as instruction on how to study theology on your own.  We will also talk extensively about practically applying these theological themes to the lives of people in a ministry context today.

Students wishing to audit the class must be able to agree to the following:

1.  be able to commit to the attendance policy of only missing 2 classes. The classes are on Monday evenings running from September 11th through December 10th. We will have November 20th off for the week of Thanksgiving.

2. Commit to keeping up with all reading and assignments. The outside of class requirements will not be huge, but a big part of learning the material will be reading the texts and doing all homework.

If you want to audit the class, please click here to register. Once you submit you will be redirected to a page where you can pay the $40 registration fee. Once we receive all of your information, we will send you course information, including required textbooks.

If you are interested in pursuing the 2-year certificate program, please contact Tyler Ferguson at  to set up an appointment.