• We encourage mask-wearing as you walk into the building while not physically separated by 6 feet. 
  • We encourage hand-waving and elbow bumps as a new form of greeting not neglecting the smile underneath the mask. 
  • We have hand sanitizing stations at each door and around the building for easy use.
  • The seating in the sanctuary has been reduced so that chairs are more spread out. We encourage attendees to keep space between non-family friends.
  • There is a section of seating reserved for those who are at high risk and would like a little less contact with people. 
  • Bulletins are placed at the entrance doors for you to pick up to reduce the number of people handling each one.
  • Our doors will be propped open before and after services to reduce the number of touchpoints on a Sunday morning.
  • We ask that all those who are feeling ill with symptoms that could potentially be related to COVID to enjoy our services online.


  • Those serving will continue to wear masks to be conscientious of others and use hand sanitizer often.
  • We are also doing health screenings for all our staff and volunteers serving in Freedom KIDS and Nursery.


  • Children’s temperature will be taken at the check-in stations prior to receiving name badges.
  • The temperature needs to be below 100.3 and if the temperature is higher, we ask that you return home as a family to partake in online service.
  • We will utilize hand sanitizer often.
  • Nursery facilities are cleaned with an anti-microbial cleaning product after each use. 
  • Our nursery is limiting the number of children in each classroom. 
  • Our nursery employees are health-screened each Sunday before work.


  • We are cautiously cleaning all hand surfaces before, between, and after services.
  • We have FDA recommended air cleaning systems in the main sanctuary and nursery areas.