Home School Co-Op Registration

To register for the Home School Co-Op, please read the following rules and fill out the form.  Once the form is submitted a payment screen will appear.  Please note that your registration is not complete until payment is received.

Freedom Fellowship Home School Co-op Rules:

1. Respect God, adults, and peers of ALL AGES. 
2. No bullying or bad language will be tolerated.
3. Respect church property.
4. Off-limit areas include the stage, closets, kitchen, sound booth, and any other unsupervised rooms. Bathrooms are not a place to play.
5. Be respectful of classes in session.  Listen!
6. Use bathroom between classes - don’t interrupt your teacher and class.
7.  Pick up your trash and belongings after snack and lunch.

Parent's Responsibility in Discipline:

  1. Take notice of our own children’s behavior and make necessary corrections as conflicts arise. Never think your child is totally innocent all the time. NOTICE and take action to guide your own.
  2. Please be ready and willing to forgive other children and parents.
  3. Parents are encouraged to lovingly correct other children, not in their family, if they witness a confrontation or rules being broken. Please always notify the child’s parent immediately, if it involves your child or another person’s child as well.
  4. If your child and another child have a confrontation, deal with the issue right then with the children. If that does not solve the problem, please talk to the parent of the other child.  If that does not solve the problem, then bring the issue to Karen. If we cannot help, we will call on help from the pastoral or office staff in authority over us.
  5. If a child is disruptive, bullying others, or continually showing disrespect to people or property, they and their family will be asked to leave for the day until the behavior issues are solved and able to be corrected.
Home School Co-Op Registration

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Have you read the co-op rules and agree to follow them?*