Ministries in India


God has called Freedom Fellowship to minister to the country of India. There are currently over 1.2 billion people living in India. With only 2.3% followers of Christ, the need of the Gospel in India is apparent. There are several ways that we are currently working in India to see the message of the Gospel spread to every zip code in the country.

India Gospel Outreach (igo)

India Gospel Outreach is the office in the United States that is supporting church plants and Bible colleges in India. India Gospel Outreach, or IGO,  is dedicated to planting a dynamic church in each of India's 3,000 ethnic groups and over 28,000 zip codes. Today, only a handful of these 3,000 ethnic groups have a growing church.  IGO takes the Good News to those who have not heard it.

To achieve these goals and fulfill Christ's Great Commission, India Gospel Outreach…
• Trains and sends Indian evangelists and church planters to all peoples of India.
• Starts new training centers throughout India to help local Christians reach their own people with the Gospel.
• Aids poor people of India with relief, education, and development in the name of Jesus.
• Enlists intercessors to pray for revival and spiritual awakening in India.

Freedom Fellowship has had an open door in India for over 25 years, where we have seen progress and growth in the ministry that we have partnered with. Pastor Dennis Gallaher and Rev. DR. T. Valson Abraham connected 25 years ago with a common love of the Gospel and India.

Rev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham is the founding pastor of India Christian Assembly, Los Angeles. He is the founder and president of India Gospel Outreach (IGO), an indigenous organization dedicated to planting dynamic churches in each of India's 3,000 castes and tribes. Part of this vision includes planting churches in each of India's 28,000 zip codes.

Born and raised in India, Valson is the grandson of, Pastor K. E. Abraham, the founder of India's largest indigenous denomination, India Pentecostal Church (IPC). He studied at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. He also studied at West Texas State (now West Texas A & M University) and Fuller Theological Seminary. Valson has an active preaching and teaching ministry in his native India, the United States, and other countries.

Valson is the director of India Bible College & Seminary where hundreds of students are trained each year for a full-time ministry of church planting. Students from India Bible College & Seminary and several other IGO-sponsored training centers are dedicated to becoming effective church planters in every state of India. From September 2006 to 2013, he served as General Secretary of IPC. Since 2009, he has served as Vice President of Bible Society of India, Kerala Auxiliary.

Valson and his wife, Laly, have four adult children. Please be in prayer for Valson, Laly, and their family as they further the Gospel in the country of India. 

india bible college and seminary

The mission of the Bible college is to train Christ’s People to Fulfill His Great Command and Commission. The ultimate vision is to see a people in India that proclaim Christ and build His church in all of India. Since 1994 India Bible College and Seminary have worked tirelessly to train pastors from around the region including countries outside of India.

Two times a year Freedom Fellowship helps to support the mission and vision of India Bible College and Seminary by sending a team of professors to teach courses on intimacy therapy and Biblical counseling. These courses have helped India Bible College and Seminary be the first in India to offer a 3-year degree in Christian Counseling.


Gilgal's mission in India is to provide food, shelter, care, concern, and fellowship for the aged, destitute, orphans, widows, mentally challenged and physically handicapped irrespective of their caste, religion, sex, age towards bringing up them in all aspects of mental, physical and spiritual rehabilitation by incorporating services of the like-minded brethren to extend the love of Christ.

Gilgal was birthed out of the desperate need in India to care for the least of these. Pastor Jacob Joseph “Prince” was caring for a woman who was widowed in her life twice. Being left alone with no one and nowhere to go, Pastor Prince searched for a refuge for her. All he found was more people in India like the widow he was caring for. Pastor Prince cried out to the Lord for Him to open a door somewhere to these suffering people. In October of 2000, the Lord answered and Pastor Prince and a partner have been serving the dying and destitute in India ever since.

Please be in prayer for Pastor Prince and his family who dedicate their lives 24/7 to these beautiful people in India.

E3 India Missions Trip

In 2005, Global Missions Fellowship became e3 Partners. Nearly 30 years later, they are serving over 40 countries, supported by a passionate team of 400+. Thousands of Christians are joining them on hundreds of expeditions every year to spread the Gospel and transform communities. Their mission is simple and their name says it all. They equip God’s people to evangelize His world and establish His Church. And they do this through critical partnerships.

  • They partner with individuals by providing critical training to make a difference in the world.
  • They partner with international churches to help them thrive and expand their reach.
  • They partner with local churches by offering international missions opportunities.
  • They partner with other ministries to maximize their impact in new communities.
  • They partner with financial supporters to provide necessary resources for others.

In 2011, Freedom Fellowship took its first trip with E3. Since then we have sent a group every year to India to plant churches and further the Gospel. Working with our trip leader and India district leader, Al Wilson, we have seen thousands hear about and accept Jesus Christ and many hundreds of new home churches started.

If you are interested in going on a trip with E3 or wanting to find more information, please go to

Please be in prayer for Al Wilson and Ronny Skelton as they continue to plan and lead teams into new areas in India.

Darjeeling Bible college

In 2015, Valsom Abraham invited Pastor Dennis Gallaher to visit the Darjeeling Bible College in Darjeeling. It had been there for 7 years, started by students of India Bible College and Seminary. In 2015, Freedom Fellowship started the process of purchasing land. Our goal was to build a permanent Bible college in Darjeeling. It is a prime location for spreading the Gospel with 5 closed countries within 200 miles of this college. Pastor Dennis was at the opening dedication of this new school in 2019.