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Jan 15, 2017

Jesus The Door

Jesus The Door

Speaker: James Gallaher

Series: John

Category: Sunday Morning

Do you want more joy and peace in your life? Open the door to the only One who can provide you the answer - Jesus.

Read John 10:7-10

Anyone who has ever been a victim of theft knows how personal it can feel to have something stolen. Having experienced theft, we understand the scripture saying that the enemy comes to steal in a completely different light, with indignation.

New generations, unfortunately, have become uncomfortable with the truth of God’s Word and instead focus on trying to broker a truce with the enemy, thinking we can satisfy the desires of our flesh without it having any other affect on our lives.

This is the first problem beyond aloneness that we find in creation.

Genesis 3:1-7
Satan convinced Eve that God had withheld something. Have you ever felt this way? You see that something is good, others tell you it is, yet you feel like God is holding back on you.

God could have kept them from sin, but He didn’t. He didn’t take away the enemy or the situation because God needed Eve to choose to serve Him. She had to make the decision.

As a result of their sin innocence was gone; they were ashamed, all because the serpent was more crafty than any other beast.

The enemy’s craftiness is what makes the lies so believable. He uses the things we find pleasurable and inserts just a little portion of a lie into it. Deception is just that; truth mixed with a little bit of a lie.

At that point, in a single act of deception, everything Adam and Eve knew was gone.

The destruction of sin persisted, yet there was a Heavenly Father who, from the moment of deception, set in motion the greatest act of restoration mankind would ever know: Jesus.

This is the point where our Heavenly Father begins to run towards His lost children, to undo the deceptive nature of an enemy who comes with the desire to steal.

The plan is in John 10, beginning in verse 9-10

Jesus is the door. Maybe you have tried other doors, perhaps all others. We have all tried many others.

The door is not a church, but Jesus, who died for you, and came to give you life abundantly.

The promise of life abundantly is not a bribe, but a promise for those who choose the door of Christ.

So many times people will look through every other door to find where true joy resides, yet never actually find it.

Philippians promises a peace that surpasses understanding, and that He will supply all our needs.


If you find yourself lacking in any of these areas, you have not been cast out of the Kingdom, you have just been deceived.

Isaiah 53:6 - All have gone astray, but the Lord has caused all of our iniquity to fall on Jesus.

He bore our sin, and interceded for us, therefore the deception need not be our lot, but we can see His promises in our life fulfilled.

Stop looking for the door…Jesus is the door. He is the fulfiller of all of His promises. Only He can bring eternal peace and joy surpassing understanding.