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Jun 11, 2023

Lost In Translation Part 02 - Joy and Happiness

Lost In Translation Part 02 - Joy and Happiness

Speaker: James Gallaher

Series: Lost In Translation

Category: Sunday Morning, Sunday Morning

It seems like the words "joy" and "happiness" ought to be interchangeable. After all, they're both positive, uplifting feelings, right? So why is there a distinction, and why are we talking about it on a Sunday morning? The Bible, in fact, does distinguish between the two, and for good reason. Tune in as we dive into a greater understanding of what God says about these two principles!

Sermon Message: Lost in Translation Part 02 - Joy and Happiness

  • Today’s Society has an emphasis on our Own Happiness.
    • Self-Help Industry is $14B/yr.
    • Focusses on “self” identity.
  • Last week we spoke about Deception.
    • Deception is “mostly” truth with a “little bit” of a lie.
    • A little bit of “falseness” contaminates everything.
    • Story of Eve’s deception.
      • The focus was taken off God and put on herself.
    • Message of… “Help yourself, and you will not need to rely on God”.
  • Definition of Happiness:
    • Happiness comes from the word “happening.”
    • Root comes from how we respond or feel about what is happening.
    • Question: Is happiness bad? (Joy vs. Happiness)
  • The root of Joy is based on something (or someone) who is guaranteed.
  • Questions to ask yourself:
    • What is your focus?
      • Acknowledge your emotions, but don’t let them rule you.
      • “God of peace will be with you.”
    • Who is your source?
      • God’s provisions follow generosity.
      • Eyes off yourself, and on Jesus.
    • Are you generous with what God is giving you?
    • “Mission is Greater than Commission.”
    • Loneliness is an epidemic.
    • Request: “FFC Church, be intentional on focus!”

    Bible References:

    • Genesis 3 (Eve’s Deception)
    • Hebrews 12:2
    • Matthew 26:42 (Jesus’ Prayer)
    • Hebrews 12:2
    • Philippians 4:4, 4:5-9, 4:10-14, 4:15-19 
    • John 15:1-11
    • 1 Peter 5:7
    • 2 Samuel 12 (David & Nathan)


    • What challenges do you face everyday that takes your focus away from Jesus’ Joy?
    • Referencing the story of Eve and David, what trap was placed before them that caused them to change their focus?
    • What impact do you feel “loneliness” has on your life? What “truth” helps you fight against that? 
    • James asked us to be intentional this week. What practical things can you do differently this week?