Sunday School

Equipping The Saints 

A New set of Sunday School classes begin on Sunday, January 14th. Take a look at what we are offering, and then use the form below to register today!

Relational First Aid - This class will dive into the theme that exists all throughout Scripture that the first problem that mankind encountered was not sin but aloneness. Throughout the class, you will be taught what it looks like to biblically walk through the different relationships in your life. If you have become a new member of Freedom and have yet to take this class, it's very important that you register now. (Taught by Dr. Linda Homeyer)
Reasons: Defending your Faith in a Hostile World - This class, taught by Tyler Ferguson will explore the evidence for the existence of God. There is so much skepticism out there, between the world and those experiencing doubt in the church, that it is more important now than ever to know why we believe Christianity is true. If you are going through a season of doubt, walking with unbelievers, or trying to help others who are experiencing doubt, this class will equip you to be a warrior for the Kingdom.


Reboot Life - Our support group meets every Sunday in the Group Room. Reboot Life will take you through the Bible in a year. You will be able to see how the Bible will help identify changes you want to make and then how to make them. God wants to give you the power to make those changes happen. Come explore, learn, and support others doing the same. This group is led by Ted Nelson in the Door of HopeClick here to learn more information..