Sunday School

Equipping The Saints 

Classes will begin on Sunday, April 23rd. We have classes for children ages 4 through seniors in high school, as well as our adults.  Our nursery will open at 9:00am for our little ones ages birth through 3 years.  Here is what we have to offer:

classes for adults (Register HERE)

New Members Class - Taught by Pastor Dennis and Jan, this class will teach you the history of Freedom Fellowship, why we do things the way we do, and what it means to become a member. If you are new to Freedom or would like more information on becoming a member, this class is for you. Participants will have the opportunity to become members of the church at the conclusion of the class.

The Whole Truth - This class, taught by Tyler Ferguson, will use the book of John as a guide through 6 key concepts of the Christian faith. Designed for new believers, this class is also good for more seasoned believers wanting to reengage with the foundational truths that inform their faith.

Connected: My Life in the Church - Taught by Grayson Wester, this class will spend 6 weeks in the book of Ephesians looking at what it really means to be a functioning part of the Body of Christ. Participants will finish the class with a better understanding of what role they fit in the church and how best they can serve where God has them.

Reboot Life - Our support group meets every Sunday in the Group Room. Reboot Life will take you through the Bible in a year. You will be able to see how the Bible will help identify changes youwant to make and then how to make them. God wants to give you the power to make those changes happen. Come explore, learn, and support others doing the same. This group is led by Ted Nelson in the Door of HopeClick here to learn more information..

Classes for Youth

Our High School students and Middle School students will be in their own class studying the Life of Jesus. This class will get them thinking and taking about Jesus and how He impacts their lives.  Middle School class is located in the Box classroom.

Classes for pre-k & elementary kids

Our 4 year olds through 5th graders are going through the Gospel Project curriculum. This curriculum is designed to take our children through the Bible in chronological order while tying each Bible story back to the redemptive gospel of Jesus. The weekly lessons are the same in each class but are tailored to each age and grade level. In addition, each class learns a weekly catechism to go with the Bible lesson of the day. Classes are located in the Family Center.

classes for nursery

Our nursery is available from 9:00a.m. until the main service is released. During this time the children are taught a Bible story, a memory verse and participate in an activity that relates to the Bible story. The 2 and 3 year old classes learn a monthly memory verse and are encouraged to recite it at home with their family.