Sunday School

Equipping The Saints 

Sunday School resumes on September 10th at 9:15. The first six-weeks of this semester we are excited to all go through the book "The Art of Neighboring" together, as we turn our focus as a church to reaching out to those who don't know Jesus.

The Art of Neighboring will spend 6 weeks exploring the practical aspects of caring for our actual neighbors (those who live around us). We will spend the first part of class as a large group learning what the Bible says about this calling on our lives, and break out into small groups to help us learn how to care for people in different stages of life.  Please register by filling out this form:

"The Art of Neighboring" Registration

Based on your current neighbors, which one of the following groups of people are you most interested in learning how to care for?*


Reboot Life - Our support group meets every Sunday in the Group Room. Reboot Life will take you through the Bible in a year. You will be able to see how the Bible will help identify changes youwant to make and then how to make them. God wants to give you the power to make those changes happen. Come explore, learn, and support others doing the same. This group is led by Ted Nelson in the Door of HopeClick here to learn more information..